Sermon: Ezekiel 47

We've had a busy time traveling and preaching. This will probably be my concluding sermon on Ezekiel (with chapter 47). For the first time this was recorded on video which is new to me (that is having myself recorded). I've also attached the audio which is actually recorded from a different church. So the audio is slightly different. 

Video (from Shiloh ARP, Lancaster SC)

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Our Philosophy of Ministry

We have come to realize that there are two types of missionaries: crazy ones and insane ones. Just kidding (well, mostly). 

Seriously, though, we have seen that there are two main camps missionaries fall into: those who feel called to reach a specific people group in a specific area, and those who feel called to do a specific type of work irrespective of location. This holds true for ourselves and all the missionaries we know.

For instance, we felt the Lord calling us to do church planting internationally, but we didn't feel a calling to a specific place. Once long ago we investigated working with MTW and helping with a church in the Czech Republic. That wasn't because we felt a clear calling to work in the Czech Republic. Instead, we felt a clear calling to join a team planting a church in a foreign context, and we followed the Lord's leading as doors opened (and closed) to determine where we would do this work.

I recently ran across this article "God's Flight Plan"➟ from MTW. and it helped confirm for me what I just said above. I know other missionaries, many actually, who felt called to church plant and evangelize first, and the exact location came second. Of course, in each of these cases these missionaries began to love and care for the people they served, but that love was born out of obedience to God's calling to do a certain type of work where there was a need for it. 

We always felt like we were weird (well we are) because we didn't feel a strong pull toward serving in a particular place. We could clearly see God was calling us to serve as church planting missionaries, but we didn't know where He would have us serve. After hearing other missionaries' stories, we now see it is just another way God calls people to international mission work.

Sermon: Ezekiel 44

I really love the book of Ezekiel and was glad of the opportunity to preach at Pressly Memorial ARP church in Statesville. I titled it "The Gospel in Ezekiel: Worship Restored."

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